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What is Beauty?

Beauty is a concept that has been discussed in many different ways throughout history. It has been seen as something aesthetic, physical and spiritual. This concept of beauty goes beyond simply referring to physical appearance and is often used to describe the positive qualities of art, nature, people, and environments.

Ideas of Beauty Throughout History

Throughout history, beauty has been understood differently across cultures. In Ancient Greece, beauty was associated with ideals such as order and harmony. Conversely, in the Renaissance period, beauty was more focused on symmetry and proportion. During the Romantic period, beauty was associated with emotion and the sublime while in modern Western society it has become increasingly associated with youthfulness and perfectionism.

The Role of Technology in Defining Beauty

Today’s society is increasingly influenced by technology when it comes to defining ideas of beauty. Social media platforms are full of filtered images of bodies, faces, lifestyles and possessions that individuals strive to emulate or surpass in order to feel more attractive or beautiful. As technological advances continue to shape our world, notions of what constitutes as “beautiful” will continue to evolve according to technological developments.

Self-Acceptance and Celebrating Individuality

Ultimately each person’s understanding of what defines beauty is subjective yet at times we can be overwhelmed by society’s expectations or have our own feelings of inadequacy due to unrealistic standards set by others. It is important to remember that you don’t have look like anyone else or conform to accepted standards; your personal definition of beauty should celebrate individuality and self-love above all else!

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