How to Set Homepage in WordPress

Figuring out how to set your homepage can be a little challenging if you’re new to WordPress. We’ll take you step-by-step through the procedure in this blog article.

Decide between a Static Page and Your Recent Posts.

The first choice you need to make is whether you want a static page or your most recent blog entries to appear on your homepage. A static page is the best option if you want to highlight specific content or information on your homepage. The “latest posts” option is the preferable alternative if you run a blog and want to promote your most recent entries.

Choose “Reading” under the “Settings” tab on your homepage word press dashboard to make this choice. You can select either “Your latest posts” or “A static page” under the “Your homepage displays” section. You must first create a new page in WordPress if you decide on a static page.

It’s time to design your actual homepage after selecting your homepage style. Create a new page and add the content you wish to display if you selected a static page. This could be a greeting, a succinct synopsis of your company, or a highlighted good or service.

You don’t need to make a separate page if you’ve selected to show your most recent postings. Your most recent blog posts will be automatically shown on your homepage.

Choose a Home Page
It’s time to designate your homepage as your default one now that you’ve created one. Select “Customize” under the “Appearance” tab on your WordPress dashboard. Select “Homepage Settings” from there.

Choose the page you created as your homepage if you decided to use a static page. Choose “Your latest posts” as your homepage if you have chosen to display your most recent posts.

Save Any Modifications
Click “Save & Publish” to save your changes after making your choice. To see your new design in action, go back to the homepage of your website.

Make Your Homepage Your Own
If you’re not happy with your homepage’s default design, you can further alter it using WordPress themes or page builders. While page builders let you create unique layouts and designs from scratch, themes are pre-designed templates that you can apply to your homepage.

Go to the “Appearance” tab in your WordPress dashboard and click “Themes” or “Page Builders” to access themes and page builders. From there, you can look through a range of choices to discover the one that most closely matches your requirements.

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