Why Pokemon GO Coordinates Matter: Understanding Spawns, Nests, and Biomes

Pokemon GO is a game that challenges players to catch as many Pokemon as possible. In order to catch rare, unique Pokemon, players need to understand how to use coordinates to find the right locations. By using coordinates, players are able to find the best places to catch rare Pokemon, spawn nests, and biomes. In this blog post, we will discuss why Pokemon GO coordinates matter.


Spawns are the locations on the in-game map where a Pokemon will appear. These spawns can happen randomly or at set times of the day. When players know where a spawn location is, they know where to go to find a particular Pokemon. This is where Pokemon GO coordinates come into play. By using coordinates, players can locate the exact spawn location of a rare Pokemon and increase their chances of catching it.


Nests are unique spawn locations where a certain Pokemon consistently appears. Nests are always in the same location and can be found in parks, golf courses, and other green spaces. These nest Pokemon change every few weeks, so it’s important to keep an eye on the game to catch them.

Using Pokemon GO coordinates, players can quickly locate nest Pokemon. By knowing the exact location of a nest, players can visit it often to increase their chances of catching the unique Pokemon and add them to their collection.


Biomes are specific areas where certain types of Pokemon appear more frequently. For example, water biomes are locations where players can find water-type Pokemon like Magikarp and Squirtle. Biomes are often located near water sources, like oceans, rivers, or lakes.

Using Pokemon GO coordinates, players can find biomes that are not in their immediate area. For example, if a player lives in a city, they may not have access to water biomes. However, by using coordinates, they can locate a nearby water biome and catch the water-type Pokemon they need to complete their collection.


Pokemon GO coordinates are a powerful tool in helping players find rare and unique Pokemon spawns, nests, and biomes. By finding the right coordinates, players can increase their chances of encountering unique Pokemon and adding them to their collection. In addition, players can use coordinates to plan their Pokemon collecting strategy and save time while playing the game. Understanding why Pokemon GO coordinates matter is key to catching rare Pokemon in the game, and we hope this blog post has helped you do just that. Happy hunting!

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