Student Housing in Leicester: Your Ideal Accommodation Solution

Leicester, a vibrant city located in the heart of England, is home to several prestigious universities and a diverse student population. If you’re about to embark on your academic journey in Leicester or are a current student looking for the ideal Student Houses in Leicester, you’re in the right place. This guide will provide you with invaluable insights and tips to help you find the perfect student accommodation in Leicester.

  1. Know Your Budget:

Before you start your search for a student house in Leicester, it’s essential to determine your budget. Calculate how much you can comfortably afford, considering not only rent but also bills, groceries, and other expenses. Knowing your budget will help you filter your options and avoid any financial stress.

  1. Location, Location, Location:

Leicester is a city full of diverse neighborhoods, and each offers a unique living experience. Some popular areas for students include Clarendon Park, West End, and Highfields. Consider factors such as proximity to your university, public transportation, and local amenities when choosing the right location for your student house.

  1. Housemates and Compatibility:

Whether you already have a group of friends to share a house with or are looking to join an existing household, it’s crucial to consider the compatibility of your potential housemates. Living with people who share similar lifestyles and routines can make your student life in Leicester much more enjoyable.

  1. Start Your Search Early:

Leicester is a bustling student city, and competition for the best student houses can be fierce. Start your search as early as possible, ideally several months before your intended move-in date. This will give you a broader range of options to choose from.

  1. Utilize Online Resources:

There are numerous online platforms and websites dedicated to advertising student accommodation in Leicester. Websites like Rightmove, Zoopla, and even university-specific platforms can be excellent places to start your search. Make sure to filter your search according to your preferences, such as the number of bedrooms and price range.

  1. View Multiple Properties:

Don’t rush into making a decision. It’s essential to visit several properties to get a feel for the place and the area. Take your time to inspect the house, check for any maintenance issues, and ensure that the living conditions meet your standards.

  1. Read the Tenancy Agreement Carefully:

Once you’ve found a student house you like, carefully read through the tenancy agreement. Pay attention to the rent, deposit, and any additional terms and conditions. If something seems unclear or you’re unsure about any clause, seek advice from your university’s accommodation office or a legal expert.

  1. Safety and Security:

Safety is paramount when choosing a student house. Check for secure locks on doors and windows, smoke detectors, and any other security measures. It’s also advisable to speak to local residents or university staff to get an idea of the safety of the neighborhood.

  1. Seek Advice from Fellow Students:

Connect with other students in Leicester who can offer advice and recommendations based on their own experiences. Join student forums, Facebook groups, or attend university housing fairs to gain valuable insights.

  1. Plan Your Move-In:

Finally, plan your move-in well in advance. Make a checklist of everything you’ll need, from furniture and kitchen supplies to internet and utility connections. A well-organized move will help you settle into your new student house smoothly.


Finding the perfect student house in Leicester is an exciting step in your academic journey. By following these tips and conducting thorough research, you can secure comfortable and safe accommodation that enhances your university experience. Remember, your student house will be more than just a place to live; it will be your home away from home as you embark on your educational adventure in this dynamic city.

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